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 Compost Turner

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  • EYS GK3000 Compost Turner is designed to convert dried organic matter [e.g : separated manure] into valuable compost by turning the bulk material periodically. It aerates the windrow for replenished oxygen supply while releasing the C02 build-up : breaks down the solid particles to optimum size for increased contact surface ; regulates the temperature within the windrow for optimum aerobic reaction speed ; and maintains the necessary humidity level evenly within the windrow by its integrated liquid spray system.These features facilitate the chemical reactions that are required for high quality compost.

    EYS GK3000 Compost Turner is operated with a tractor via the creep-gear shaft. In transport mode, GK3000 stands up vertically on its transport wheel by means of hydraulic pistons.This alIows for increased maneuverability and easy transportation of the machine. GK3000 moves over the windrow at an adjustable speed [0-300m/hr] as defined by the operator. The drum mixes and pushes the material from outside of the pile towards the middle, leaving behind a very neat and well-defined triangular windrow.
  • • Operational Width 3000 mm
    • Operational Speed 0-300 m/hr
    • Machine Weight 3100 kg
  • • Required Tractor Power min. 80 hp
    • Turning Capacity 960 m3/hr

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